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Benefits of Solar Panels

A solar array on the roof of a house

Solar energy development is on the rise nationwide, as more businesses and consumers recognize the cost benefits and energy opportunities available from the installation of solar panels.

The data back this up - according to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), solar installations increased by 125 percent from the second quarter of 2011 to the same time period in 2012, and continued growth is expected as more consumers seek solar panels for homes and businesses.

Here in Colorado, Golden Solar is your leading resource for photovoltaic (PV) installations. Our expert electricians, designers, and installers have worked to bring the power of solar panels to customers across the state, delivering clean, efficient energy at affordable costs.

Are you on the fence about solar energy? Are you unsure how this technology can benefit your home or business? Read on to learn more about the benefits offered by solar panels.

Produce your own power and achieve energy independence

When you're getting all your electricity from the grid, you're at the mercy of energy companies. Homeowners and businesses that purchase electricity from utility providers can suffer frustrating rate hikes and inconsistent price structures. However, a well-designed and expertly installed solar panel system can net big cost savings, bring utility solar incentives payments and spare consumers from having to pay increasing electricity costs.

Solar electric silicon panels are made from non-toxic materials. Solar tax credits and utility incentives make these systems very affordable to install. At Golden Solar, we can design and install an efficient solar PV system that will reduce - and in some cases, even eliminate – your electric bill, except for a minimal utility connection charge. That's true energy independence, and it's possible with solutions from Golden Solar.

Benefit from quiet, maintenance-free energy that improves your property's value

At Golden Solar, we deploy seasoned designers, electricians, and installers on every PV installation to ensure quick and easy implementation and efficient operation. There are no moving parts to maintain and no buzz of electrical machinery or components and no need to perform any work to maintain your solar panels. Our systems are quiet and nearly maintenance-free.

The installation of solar energy systems improves property value, primarily because buyers appreciate the benefit of free sustainable, renewable energy. In addition, some energy companies in Colorado offer net metering payments, which means you can earn energy credits or cash for any excess electricity produced by your home's solar system. Check with Golden Solar to learn if your utility company offers such benefits.

Reduce pollution and harmful CO2 emissions with clean, reliable energy

The environmental benefits of solar power are well established. Solar energy is one of the cleanest technologies available on the market today. PV panels do not produce any air pollutants or waste when converting solar rays into energy, and by reducing consumers' reliance on fossil fuels and other traditional energy sources, solar power has an even broader impact on our ability to cut down on pollution and harmful CO2 emissions.

By investing in solar PV installation, consumers and businesses contribute positively to the national effort to seek energy security and independence. Lawmakers and public officials have made these objectives a priority.

Why choose Golden Solar?

When it comes to solar PV installation in Colorado, Golden Solar is your top resource. We have the technical savvy needed to ensure smooth and decades-lasting installation, and our in-house experts can teach you everything you need to know about available financial incentives and statewide solar energy programs. A partnership with Golden Solar can earn any homeowner or business the opportunity to grow with solar energy.